Electric Youth - WeAreTheYouth (#officialunofficial) music video

Electric Youth




music video


More information coming soon!

M83 - Do It, Try It  (#officialunofficial) music video



Do It, Try It


music video


In the tradition of the 2014 music video double feature, we realized summer '16 another #officialunofficial music video for Do It, Try It - a spectacular 80's electro-pop ode by M83.


Let us introduce you to some unforgettable 80's inspired characters and an everlasting inspiring era of fashion and sound!





a ruminant journey through the winds of winter.

Inspired by For Now I am Winter by Ólafur Arnalds.



The Sleeping Giant

heralds - a vernal triptych



a vernal triptych

emphasizing the arousing beginning of this years sensitive, pulsing and clear spring-summer season 2015 with three portraits of never fading heroic and fragile beauty.



a raw transcendent celebration of loss, gain and love,

tied by the tension of passion.

"Filmed in a manner that invites both intimacy and claustrophobia, I wanted VICTRANCE being cocooning - an abduction to a spare, charged, but also passionate and near-monochromatic tunnel vision of solemnizing human reflections."


#2 CHIC - [the:hae]

March 2012


Steven Meth, a hairdresser from the small town Gotha in the middle of Germany was nominated in the category 'Mesdames'  for the German Hairdressing Award 2012. But furthermore he created a collection for the category 'Monsieurs' as well.


Now straumþungur invites you to step into Stevens cocooning world of Fashion & Beauty with the 2 parted Fashion Film




Take a look from behind the curtain and observe the photoshoot of the two collections.

 Luxuriate in the sensation of a one-on-one relationship with Steven, the photographer Jakub, Stevens assistant Christian & the marvelous models, depicting how it feels wanting to be the winner of the German Hairdressing Award!

fall/winter season '14










music video double feature august '14

Due to DOUBLE FEATURE AUGUST '14, Šimon published together with co-director Viktoria Gurtovaj two musicvideos labeled 'official unofficial' for Lana del Rey and Rubik.

Both videos expose the two sides of summer '14 - the dark and lonely ones and the bright, crazy and colorful moments.

We hope you like them!

the saints #reinvented

With the reinvention of the portrait cycle 'the saints' Šimon is trying to create different alter egos with different stories of the portraits he already made in the context of 'the saints'.

An experiment dealing with the question:


Are we unique, or is there another 'Me' existing?

relaunch & music video 'hemipode'

A month later, the deathly silence of 'end | ir' finally ends with a fresh relaunch of straumþungur.

A new music video for the enchanting composition Hemipode by amiina forms the blossoming prelude for straumþungurs new temper.

Featuring again the charming Viktoria Gurtovaj, director, cinematographer and editor Šimon Končír remixed amiina's sound together with another version by Kippi Kaninus and let the beauty of human nature getting unfold.


Hemipode - an ode to the awakening of unconscious human desires.


    straumþungur | with a huge flow


02 | 14

closing event 'end | ir'

"Everyone has something to bury..."


December 1st, 2013, straumþungur started his last project - the interactive one month ongoing closing event 'end | ir'. Within this project  straumþungur revealed different featurettes of his work. 

The last day of the journey into the land of death was the last day

for straumþungur.

It's your turn now to decide, if straumþungur shall return with you into the land of the living or stay in hades forever...


straumþungur | with a huge flow 

12 | 13



"A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Antoine de Saint Exupéry


 Depicting the natural wonder of theatrical 3D, décor bows down before the art of Georges Méliès and presents the extraordinary value and magic of scenery, design and perspective by little means of a puppet theatre, which straumþungur designed at the age of 7!

'the last spectacles' essay

© The Great Gatsby, Warner, 2013
© The Great Gatsby, Warner, 2013

Spectacles as a motif of fear, power, control and death?


thought straumþungur after he saw The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann, A Single Man by Tom Ford and some other films. In his newest essay The Last Spectacles straumþungur analyses the usage of spectacles associated with death in different films, and their effect and significance for storytelling and the technical process of filmmaking.


Download the essay in German here for free:

The Last Spectacles (German Version)
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 919.2 KB


A cinematic anthology  by Šimon Končír

presented in 4 Parts

November 2011, straumþungur decided to make a journey to his roots, discovering his homeland Slovakia from a private and personal, but also experimental, artistic point of view.

Providing geographical, social and historical perspectives on straumþungurs work, Doma is not an usual short film documentary, it's more a sensual and adventurous effort, an anthology film presented in 4 parts, including music by Igor Šebo and Sigur Rós. A kaleidoscopic richness and moreover a recovering of an old folk essence - the headstone of straumþungur.


valtari mystery film experiment

In the context of the valtari mystery film experiment of the band 

 Sigur Rós,

straumþungur made a music video for their song valtari.  

On September 11th, 2012 the public voting started and Sigur Rós already selected the winning video.


straumþungur thanks all his supporters, who voted for his video.

valtari by straumþungur ended up in the category top.


"I never wanted to make a music video for Sigur Rós in a classical narrative way, you know, like this typical music videos. I understand their album 'valtari' and my video more as a meditation than a story with tension.

I realized the music as a way of communication between nature and us.

Then I tried to visualize this very exciting slow movement we, who are living in a very fast world now, cannot actually perceive anymore.

 I think perception starts with observing and motion with stagnation."



the dryad

The new picture series of straumþungur, the dryad, has already begun. Upon the slogan Give your spirit a nature and it will be the nature of your spirit, straumþungur invites you to join the growing process of the dryad by sending a photograph of yourself to , which will be transformed by straumþungur into the next part of

the dryad.


Explore your nature, capture your spirit!